Thursday, May 08, 2008

take note, please?

whenever u read a piece of article/story/poem/blog-entry etc...bear in mind that the writer/author of the piece of work is different from the speaker/persona in it.

they're two seperate dimensions altogether. and no matter how resembling each of them might be of each other...they are different. not comment/criticise/impose your thoughts on how things should have been said/put across because that's how the author liked it to be done. it's your own problem how u want to perceive things and if somehow u misread and get's not the author's fault. it's just how the speaker presents it in the article mixed with the way you think.

so..if someone constantly writes about dying and hating life and all.......
you cant just say he/she = suicidal. simply because that's just one part of the whole person..
ever bothered to try find out how the other parts of the person are like before passing your comments?

sorry but it irks me when people misread and complain and comment and pass judgements about other ppl's posts and all.

haha i don't really care what ppl think of my posts. half of them are rubbish anyways.

AND.... an 'I' in a personal entry may not always necessarily refer to the human self or the writer himself. think out of the box larr. and a 'you' is not always meant for another human wad right...can be an animal..a thing..correct??

just something i learnt in the past couple of months.
to me at least... hees (:

Monday, May 05, 2008

To be or not to be; that is the question.

i have yet to come up with an answer for that.

ahhaa..i finally found the website with all the 2010-2012 future concept car models....whaha. niiicee. ^^

despite the fact that i only slept for 1 hour last night... i feel well rested.
crap. shouldn't have drank tea before i slept. it has got to be the TEA!
from 12-230am was awake but was subconsciously dreaming super weird stuff...
like how mandy was teaching me piano and i was so bad at it which made her so irritated at my slow learning ability. ?!
and how i went leaf-surfing in some ulu-ated rainforest somewhere in the world. leaf-surfing is just like surfing on the sea riding on a board....but using a giant leaf to surf on slippery earth instead.. disgusting..but it seemed fun..whaha.
i had so many weird things going on in my head la..popping from one dream into another..
then i got fed up of dream-hopping...
so i got out of bed and roamed about the house from 2.30-3.30am.
it became boring.
so i went back to bed, prayed for awhile and from 3.30-to close to 5...i still couldn't sleep.
darn crap la. like in 45 mins my alarm was gna buzz and i was wide awake?!??!?
eventually i think i fell asleep but..... woke up at 545am cos of the stupid alarm!
shut it off and slept till 645am. and that was it. LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha. interesting morning man.
dream-hopping is fun. u should try it some time.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


sometimes ( but this soon turning into often times)
i really wonder why i talk to you so much
and why i tell u so many things.
when all you ever is do make me feel stupid and immature.

and sometimes drama serials do speak the truth.
like how when women crack a joke without laughing, others always think it's something serious.


and the times when i really need help....are often the times you're most insensitive.

is the problem me?

u know this isn't even meant to be a complaint-post.
and maybe it is a good thing this place is semi-private.
the stuffy nose and sore throat just make me even more grouchier.

stalkers be gone.

Monday, April 28, 2008


what can i say?
what can i do?
but to offer my life o God
completely to You.
distractions be gone.
worry be gone.
unrest be gone.
i'm leaning over.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a father would do this for his son.
what more would God our Father do for us?
and what are we doing for Him?

Monday, April 21, 2008

(4.5 formally-unformal shot...missing a few + one extra)

i look spas. o.O as usual.

YAY. 4point5! LOL.